Frequently Asked Questions

Who may use the fund?

Community Action Agencies and non-profits across the United States.

Teacher and toddlers in daycare

What is eligible: how large, how small?

We prefer commercial building s with a single electric meter. Buildings should be structurally sound with no shade. We can finance between 30 kW and 1,000 kW.

Head Start Garfield 2

Who maintains the system? There is little maintenance and few moving parts. CAP Solar will maintain the project with you.

What happens with the rebates and solar credits? The investor will receive those and apply them to the capital cost of the system.


How long does the project last?

Twenty years or more.

What will the system cost the agency? Very little. Your agency simply must agree to buy the power you would normally buy, although at a rate lower than you pay today. There is no capital cost to the agency.

Will the solar project produce all our electric needs? No, it is designed to produce slightly less. Any shortfalls in your electric power requirements will be made up by the utility. You will see no interruption at all.

Are we still hooked up to the utility? Yes, you will be "net-metered" - connected at all times. Your current utility will acquire the solar production you do not need, and will supply any additional power you need.

How much can we save? A lot! As a collaboration, CAP Solar tries to save your agency as much as possible, while delivering acceptable returns to our investors. We can analyze your savings within the time of a phone call. Some agencies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars over 20 years.

How do we get started? Call (201) 968-0200 or email We can do a simple, initial assessment that will assist you in understanding the process. There is no cost or obligation.

Will we get two bills, then? Yes, although your overall power costs will be less than it is today.